How eAadhar card UIDAI Works

Do you want to know How Aadhar UIDAI Works? Then you have reached the right place. Here, we will provide you with complete information about UIDAI.

The main goal of this project is to provide a unique identity to each and every Citizen of India. The basic details of Unique Identity number such as Biometric and Demographic data are stored in the database. By providing Unique ID to the poor in the country, it will help them in terms of their health, education, welfare programs, banking, and insurance.

The need of IRIS in the project of UIDAI

Ensuring Uniqueness

In order to Ensure Uniqueness, the Biometrics Committee played a vital role in helping UIDAI to decide Biometrics should be used in the project. One of the main challenge faced by UIDAI was to ensure uniqueness of all the 1.2 billion people across the country.

To achieve this, UIDAI has to compulsory minimize the false acceptance rate (FAR) in its biometrics. To reduce FAR, Biometrics Committee decided to take Biometrics of the fingerprints as well as the face. By involving iris to finger and face biometrics, it would be beneficial for UIDAI to achieve high levels of Accuracy more than 95% and also would ensure a very low FAR.

In order to provide better accuracy, the Biometric Committee submitted the report to the UIDAI. Later on, UIDAI reviewed the report and decided to include iris into the UID.

Ensuring Inclusion

By including iris in the UIDAI project, UIDAI wants to involve a large number of population in the project. The two main challenges faced by UIDAI are as follows:

Ensuring the inclusion of Poor residents:

UIDAI faces a challenge in collecting the Biometrics from the poor as their occupation is difficult and their fingerprints are generally worn out and that’s why difficult to capture.

Ensuring the inclusion of Children:

While collecting de-duplicating the biometrics of children, it’s very difficult, as their biometrics change until the age of 16. In order to ensure Child’s Biometrics, his/her UIDAI is being linked with the parents.

Other Benefits of iris

Following are the benefits of collecting iris for UID project:

  1. Comfort: While taking iris of the Citizen will be intruding. You can view the iris taken at one of the UIDAI’s Centre. However, iris capture doesn’t involve physical contact with the citizen.
  2. Ease of use: A trained Executive can easily take the iris and fingerprint of the citizen. Using newer devices, the operator can easily take the iris with an auto-focus feature.
  3. Reducing risks in Execution: UID Enrollment will be held on a wide scale and in diverse environments. However, the enrollment of processes and system is standardized.
  4. Reducing Technology Risks: There are noteworthy risks involved in the UID project. However, this type of system is not yet implemented in any other project across the country.
  5. De-duplication: At the time of implementing new changes in the Biometrics project, experts pointed out that iris de-duplication is very easy as compared to fingerprint de-duplication. By
    Making multi-modal duplication, an iris is kept as primary duplication, which can be done much faster as compared to fingerprint de-duplication.
  6. Applications: UID is useful for various purposes such as making financial transactions and making small payments. It is also useful to enjoy various benefits provided by the Government.

3. IRIS Technology

There are lots of benefits of IRIS Technology. There is not much information about how IRIS Technology works.

IRIS is basically the most protected region in the human’s eye, it mainly controls the diameter of pupils – the centre region of the eye and also the amount of light entering the eye.

eAadhar card UIDAI Works

As shown in figure 1, the pigmented layer of iris contains various random patterns which are visible and highly stable. These patterns are unique to each and every individual.

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How to capture an image using iris?

The process to take photographs using iris is similar to a regular photograph, however, it operates in the infrared region, nearly visible to the eye. In this process, the device captures the image and then it is permanently stored in the database. It is very much useful at the time of de-duplication and Verification.

Devices used for iris capture

There are basically two devices that can be used for iris capture:
1. Wall-mounted
2. Handheld

  1. Wall Mounted: These devices are used to access control applications.
    2. Handheld: E-Governance applications and for iris enrollment.


  •  The implementation of this new project in the market is useful and tends to bring various questions and answers. These questions arise because Technology is not known to the majority of people.
  •  The main reason to include Biometrics is to keep in mind the critical needs of the project in allocating the uniqueness of the number and also all the residents can also enrol in the UID easily.

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