Eaadhar Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Eaadhar Frequently Asked Questions 


Who is eligible for EAadhar Card?

All the Citizens of India are Eligible for the Aadhar Card. Also, NRI and Foreign Citizens who are residing in India can also apply for the Aadhar.

Is it Compulsory to enroll for Aadhar?

No, it’s not compulsory to enroll for Aadhar. However, to access various services provided by the government with zero hassle, Aadhar Card is beneficial.

Can Aadhar Card be used as a Smart Card?

Aadhar Card is the Unique Identity of a citizen of India which contains a Number. It can’t be used as a smart card.

Is there any fee to enroll for EAadhar?

No, it is free of cost. Aadhar Card is free and no fee is charged by the government under this scheme.

How can I apply for eAadhar Card?

In order to enroll for Aadhar, you need to visit the nearest Aadhar Registration Office, Fill the Aadhar Registration Form, provide essential documents which represent your identity and provide your Biometric Information. After this process, you will receive acknowledgment number, by which you can check your Aadhar Card status. Within two months of registration, Aadhar Card will be delivered to your Registered Address.

Where can I use the eAadhar Number?

Aadhar Number can be used at a numerous number of places such as ticket booking, opening bank account, etc.


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