What are the Essential Benefits of Having Aadhar card?

 Benefits of Aadhar Card

From the beginning of the Aadhar card project, it’s importance has increased a lot. As per the current scenario, the Aadhar card will not be useful in the future, but it will also become compulsory to get various facilities provided by the Government. Here are some reasons why it is significant:

Get LPG Subsidy using Aadhar Card: As per PAHAL Scheme started by Government, a person can link his Aadhar Card with the bank account to get the LPG subsidy directly in the bank account. However, a person not having Aadhar can’t get this benefit.


Portability: Aadhar Card can be used anywhere in the whole country. A particular Beneficiary can contact the central government agency for the identification of a particular person. For all the people who are poor and marginalized, they don’t contain all the documents. In order to receive all the state benefits that are included in “the introducer” system, UIDAI will help all the residents to get benefits.

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Direct Benefit Transfer: Using the Aadhar Card, the LPG Subsidy will be directly transferred to your Bank Account. For this, you have to link your Aadhar Card and LPG Gas Connection at the Bank.


Jan Dhan Yojna: With the help of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna, to open the bank account with zero balance, the only document valid is Aadhar Card. This system is introduced so that all the people of rural areas can avail various services offered by the bank. Other benefits are Accidental Insurance, Rupay Card, etc.

Get Passport Quickly: To get a Passport, we generally have to follow a long procedure which is time-consuming. If you possess an Aadhar Card, you can get your Passport within 10 days. Also, the process of police verification will be done lately. As per the new government rule, to apply for the passport you need Aadhar Card.

Digital Locker: The Government of India has launched “Digital Locker” where you can store various personal documents. To sign up for Digilocker you need to link your 12 Digit Unique Identification Number.

Aadhar card compulsory to buy a new vehicle:  As per new notice by Andhra Pradesh Government, an Aadhar card is must require in order to buy a new vehicle within the state. Also, it is required to issue a driving license.

Monthly Pension: All the pensioners of particular state need to link their Aadhar Card with the respective department to get a monthly pension. This new system is introduced as some of the beneficiaries requesting for pension were fake.

Provident Fund: This is similar to the monthly pension. The provident fund money will be transferred to the Account Holder who links their Aadhar Card with the Employee Provident Fund Organization.

Student Scholarship: All the students who want to receive Scholarship from the government have to compulsory link their Aadhar Card with the bank.

Get a New Sim Card: Government is trying it’s best to make Aadhar-card compulsory to avail new SIM Card. If it happens, then a person without Aadhar can’t get a new SIM Card.

Voter Card Linking: From March 2015, all the Aadhar-Card will be linked to your Voter ID. This move is initiated to remove all the bogus voters. Due to this system, a person holding multiple voter ID Cards will not be able to vote twice. To register for Voting, the person needs to be physically present and link his/her Aadhar-Card.

SEBI: Now Aadhar is used as the proof of address by the Securities and Exchange Board of India to open a new account. Until now, it was used as an Identity Proof.

Digital Life Certificate: Under ‘Digital Life Certificate’ or ‘Jeevan Praman for Pensioners’ initiative, the pensioners don’t need to physically present at the Agency to acquire the pension. All the details of pensioners will be accessed by Agency Digitally.

Download Aadhar card online: You can download and authenticate Aadhar card online from it’s portal and use it as valid proof of identity all across the country.

Apart from all the above uses, Aadhar card is already being used for various other purposes such as marriage registration, property registration, admission in schools and colleges, applying for PAN Card, and much more.

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